Accurate Diagnosis... Accurate treatment

No one understands this better than Dr. Arends, and accurate diagnosis and treatement has directed Dr. Arends’ professional medical practice, and compelled his founding of the Colorado Center for Spine Medicine (CCSM).

CCSM is at the vanguard for Physiatric non-operative spine medicine. We work closely with other allied health professionals to help diagnose your problem, and to treat it with the most minimally-invasive targeted techniques with proven track records. Our goal is to relieve your pain and to improve your function… in short, "Get your life back".

Gregory Arends, M.D.

Boarded in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and specializing in interventional spinal procedures, Dr. Arends is an active lecturer and physician educator speaking and instructing both locally and nationally on the topics of minimally-invasive spinal interventions, injections, and rehabilitative spine care. He continues to better his field with research and the publishing of scientific articles and textbook chapters.


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